The color red is physically stimulating. It prepares our senses and gets our blood pumping. Combining the color red with light therapy promises treatment for many ailments. This type of therapy involves a process in which red-light, low power wavelengths are emitted to penetrate through the skin. This penetration has many positive affects on metabolism, cellular energy, and the nervous system. Because there is no heat emitted, red-light therapy cannot be felt during treatment, but the benefits are incredible! Listed below are a few of the many benefits red-light therapy offers:

Improves Skin

Red infrared rays are able to penetrate much deeper into the skin than any other color on the color spectrum. Their healing properties help improve skin tone, texture, clarity, and more. By stimulating new growth in skin cells, the skin is provided with more defense against damage and an ability to fight many skin issues. Red light therapy can also impact sebum production (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands) which helps reduce acne.

Aids Weight-Loss

Due to the way that red-light therapy increases the rate at which mitochondria produce energy, it is a great aid in weight loss. By improving circulation and speeding the process where toxins and waste are removed from the body, weight loss is also sped up. While this is a great aid for metabolism, red-light for weight loss is most effective when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Improves Blood Flow and Reduces Inflammation

The body’s natural response to heat is to expand blood vessels, which is why the body has a similar reaction when it is exposed to red-light. The expansion of blood vessels allows blood to better circulate through the body. When blood is restricted, it prevents cells from receiving the oxygen they need. Permanent damage to tissues can occur, especially in muscles, when the proper amount of oxygen is not provided.

Red light therapy has endless benefits. Because of the benefits it offers, it is often difficult to find sessions in a reasonable price range. Some visits can cost upwards of $300. Visit our services page to see what other spa services we offer!