Special Services Pricing

 Infrared Sauna Session with Chromotherapy – 40 Minutes – Members $25; Guests $50 

 Private Restorative Thai Yoga Session – 60 Minutes – Members $60, Guests $90 

 Slender Tone Mineral Detox Body Wrap with Infrared Sauna Session – Includes pre-sauna dry brushing to increase skin surface circulation and mineral body wrap application with infrared sauna session. Total session time is 75-90 minutes. Members $125; Guests $150 

 Detox & Restore Package – (1) 40-minute Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy session followed by a private Restorative Thai Yoga session with Laramie. Total appointment time is 120 minutes. Members $75, Guests $125 

 Add Ons-  

 Chakra Balancing Session – 20 minute energy healing session using the technique of vibrational sound therapy via tuning forks at chakra points to restore energetic harmony. Members $15; Guests $30

Customized Aromatherapy – Immerse yourself in natural scent therapy while you enjoy your private relaxation session. Blended specifically for your intention. Members $5; Guests $10

Slender Tone Mineral Detox Body Wrap Results