Our Prices

Yoga Classes:

  • Drop-In Rate $12
  • 10 Class Punch Card- $100 (Expires 70 days from purchase date.)
  • 5 Class Punch Card- $55 (Expires 35 days from purchase date.)

Massage Therapy:

  • $60 per hour (1-hr minimum. By appointment only.)

Massage therapy is an effective and safe way to reduce the effects of stress. Endorphins, hormones that promote mood elevation, are released during your massage leading to stress reduction and relaxation. We want you to learn how to find your inner balance through your customized massage therapy sessions, and encourage you to use self-care activities at home to maintain a well balanced mind, body and spirit. Regularly scheduled massages can promote a state of homeostasis by bringing both the body and mind out of the fight or flight phase by reducing the hormone adrenaline.Chronic stress can cause illnesses and should be addressed as early as possible.

Private Individual or Group Sessions

$45 per hour at the studio (1 hour minimum).

$65 per hour on location within 30 mile radius of the studio.  (2 hour minimum).


  • Yoga and Journaling to Ease Symptoms of Depression Workshop
  • Next Date: TBD

Yoga and Journaling to ease symptoms of depression is a 2.5 hour discussion and asana to reduce the symptoms of depression to connect to the authentic self. This workshop creates an alternative approach to understanding the triggers and reducing the symptoms of depression by incorporating weekly asana practice, pranayama (breath exercises), meditation, and journaling. Depression has become more prevalent in our society due to daily stresses of work, family, and societal pressures that surround us. This workshop consists of 30 – 45 minutes of discussion, 60 minutes of asana, 15 minutes of meditation and 15 minutes of journaling to increase awareness around the triggers of depression symptoms and how daily practices assist in easing these triggers. A daily yoga practice has the ability to improve depression by increasing self-awareness, bringing us back to our true nature and releasing negative thought patterns that encourage disconnection. Join Shakira for this beautiful workshop as we move, journal and meditate to learn coping skills that support our daily lives and begin a healing process.

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Meditation Workshop_ June 28th at 6:30pm

Join Laramie this Thursday to explore how to use yoga posture (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) to achieve a calmer state of mind and establish or deepen your meditation practice.  The workshop will consist of 30 minutes of slow Yin-Vin practice to prepare...

Niyamas of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga

Niyamas- Personal observances, actions, and attitudes. The word "Yoga" means to "yoke" or "unite".  Yoga is simultaneously the practices associated with wholeness and the actual state of wholeness. Through dedication to the "eight limbed path" prescribed by ancient...

Yamas of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga

Yamas- Ethical and integrous behavior in relation to ourselves and others. The Yamas make up the first limb of Pantanjali’s “Eight Limbed Path of Yoga”. There are five principles that make up the Yamas as the standards for our behavior in relation to others.  The key...

Eight Limbed Path of Yoga

Here in our Western society, most of us understand the word “Yoga” as being a type of exercise that involves holding various poses designed to stretch the body. And yes, the physical (asana) practice of yoga is an essential component, but it is actually just one of...

Yoga: A Different Kind of Workout

In Western culture we see many approaches to physical fitness. Among these are running, aerobics, swimming, CrossFit, team sports, dance, and the list goes on. A favorite of ours is the practice of Yoga, and it is becoming increasingly more popular for a reason. The...