Here in our Western society, most of us understand the word “Yoga” as being a type of exercise that involves holding various poses designed to stretch the body. And yes, the physical (asana) practice of yoga is an essential component, but it is actually just one of the components of the greater ancient art/science/philosophy of yoga known as “The Eight Limbed Path”.

The philosophy behind the path is that through the continuous practice and observance of the eight limbs we achieve true alignment of mind, body, and spirit; reaching a state of enlightenment or inner peace, and harmony with the whole.

Join us at Twisted Sister Yoga Studio in Kernersville, NC, as we dive deeper into the philosophical study and reflection on living the eight-limbed path of yoga. Each month we will choose a limb as our monthly theme, and work in deepening our understanding and applying the principles in our daily lives.

June’s Monthly Theme: Yamas

Author:  Laramie Reese– Yogi, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur.