Brunch & Learn: Nutrition Workshop Saturday, March 2nd at 10:15am -12:30pm

We cannot help but notice the support you all offer each other, before and after classes and we want to open the studio to a time when this is the focus. All of us are on a journey to better ourselves and we could all use a little help. Through yoga we concentrate on mental clarity, meditation, breath and physical exercise. Join Katie & Laramie this Saturday for community, open discussion, and good food as we take some time to turn the focus on nutrition. Come hungry and leave inspired! Topics for Discussion: What’s in your cabinet? How to get started. Staples to buy. Never diet, choose to make a change. Be aware of hidden calories (cooking oils, salad dressings, beverages) Dietary restrictions. Easy substitutions. When to eat. Mindful eating. Create habits that work for you!  

Vernal Equinox 108 Sun Salutations Friday, March 22nd 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Flow into spring Friday, March 22nd during this special event to welcome the new season of life, setting fresh intentions as we let go of what no longer serves us.  The 108 Surya Namaskar will honor the creation of sacred space and peace within our bodies, minds, and hearts.  Our moving meditation practice will offer distinct devotion to each of the 7 chakras to open our practice and focus our intentions.  With each sun salutation, the mind can acknowledge the charkas to help find balance within as the practice comes to a close.  This practice is open to all to join in quiet fellowship and reflection as we move through asanas.  Class will be practiced in a heated space. Embrace the changes and honor the endings, which make way for new! Class will be lead by RYT-200, Andrea Rigby.