Laramie Reese, RYT200 – Certified Yoga Instructor

Laramie is 200 hour level yoga instructor, certified by the Wilmington Yoga Center, Kunga Yoga School as well as the Buti Yoga School located in Scottsdale, AZ.  She holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.  She began her yoga journey in 2003 in Wilmington, NC. Building upon a hatha yoga foundation, she has also dedicated over 15 years of study in yoga posture, ancient yoga philosophy, kundalini yoga, and meditation techniques.  Her primary teachers are Kristin Cooper-Gulak & Keegan White of The Wilmington Yoga Center & Kunga Yoga School, and Bizzie Gold & Tara Winterhalter of Buti Yoga

While Laramie enjoys her accounting career, and working with numbers during the day; she finds balance and a great satisfaction in sharing the health benefits of yoga with others. She founded Twisted Sister Yoga Studio in 2016, and her intention is to offer a nurturing space and community environment to share with others who wish integrate the healing and strengthening practice of yoga into their lives.

Laramie teaches hatha vinyasa and kundalini style classes designed to build strength, flexibility, improve circulation, energize and balance the chakras, and calm and focus the mind. She encourages her students to tune in, connect with their intuition, and to use breath,  posture, and mindful awareness as tools for improving their overall sense of well-being.

Katie Laine – Certified Yoga Instructor

Katie became a certified yoga instructor in 2012, after completing her training at the Asheville Yoga Center.  She had originally come into the practice after being prescribed by her physician for her constant low back pain.  Not long after taking up the practice the excercises proved to be effective, and she was inspired to learn more.  As an elective she took yoga in college as she was pursuing her fine arts degree and eventually enrolled in the 200-hr teacher training program at Asheville Yoga Center.  After graduating, she taught vinyasa style classes at the service based, Asheville Community Yoga Center.  Katie recently graduated from UNCG, earning her B.S. in Nutrition and Wellness and her intention is to dedicate her time to helping people improve their lives through mindful exercise and conscious eating.

Sephora Machlus-White – Certified Buti Instructor

Sephora became certified as a buti instructor in June 2016 after her passion for the practice led her to teach. Having always loved the HIIT type style workouts, yoga, and various dance styles, she found that she had stumbled upon perfect combination in Buti Yoga when she first discovered it in 2015.  Buti Yoga is a special, empowering practice that meets the student where they are and allows space for personal acceptance and a love for your workout.  As an instructor, this message is translated as she guides them through sets to breathe sweat, and have fun on the mat!     “Life is good”

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