Meditation is difficult for many people as beginners, even for some advanced yoga practitioners.  Thoughts endlessly flow in and out of their mind.  It makes it challenging to relax so they become fidgety or restless. The simplest noise can distract them.  Meditation can be a very complex process but do not let it intimidate you.  The escape can be adventurous, captivating, enlightening, and leave you speechless and renewed. First and foremost, practicing often is the best way to obtain a good experience through meditation.   Each time you gain a better understanding of how it feels, what to expect and how to adjust things next time to develop a better impact.  I can dig a silent meditation from time to time, however, it usually has to occur out in nature, grounding and connecting to the earth but I find it pretty difficult to enjoy just sitting at home. There are various techniques to assist you into meditation through mantra, focusing on an object or light, focusing on your breath, walking meditation, and one of my favorite yoga nidra (or guided meditation).  A guided meditation is a soothing set of directions to help you quiet the mind and have the ability to tap into your inner self.   You can take this script provided (approximately 12 minutes) and either have someone guide you or vice versa or I have added a Youtube link for you to sit back, listen and allow the words guide you into your soul.

This guided meditation will be focused on self exploration through the mind, body and soul; making connections and awareness of your inner self. Before you get started, make a comfortable environment for yourself. Focus in on all of your senses around you and try to enhance them by lighting a candle, diffusing some aromatherapy, and make sure you have a quiet, comfortable and dim area to practice.  You may want a bolster, pillow, or blanket to prop your head or under your legs for ultimate comfort. I will give you a couple of moments here to settle. *moment of silence*

Begin tuning in with what you are thinking, how you are feeling today? Do not ignore it but embrace each thought and emotion. Go ahead and set an intention or purpose to your meditation. What will give you the strength and motivation? *moment of silence*

Rest your eyelids lightly still getting a glimpse of light. Take a nice deep inhale through your nostrils and exhale slowly. Feel your chest rise and fall. Feel the breath nourish your body from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Empty your mind of any thoughts, worries or stresses you have been holding onto. Focus merely on the breath.  Scan your body head to toe, focusing in on each muscle, releasing each, one at a time. As you go through this process, image every negative energy releasing from your physical body and keep your palms open in order to receive the positive energy in return. Allow your body to feel weightless and trust the earth beneath you for support.  I will be verbally take you on an empowering journey.  It is upon you to look beyond the words and find the meaning for
yourself. *moment of silence*

With eyes still gently closed, take your gaze toward your brow point or “third eye” envisioning your body taking this guided journey. Beginning to feel lifted from your mat and feeling all four walls fading away. We will begin by stepping into a room full of laughter, looking around, you are surrounded by your loved ones, whom ever you wish the room was filled with; those that give you happiness, purpose and positive vibes.  Your heart is flooding with joy with each breath.  Reminisce in this moment. Keep nice, gentle breaths.*moment of silence*  Keep that memory dear to your heart as we head on.
Sense the cool sand beneath your feet, observing the waves crashing in against you. The waves resembling life’s obstacles or challenges that try to tear you down. Today, we are going to embrace them, overcome them and allow them to give us strength.  Connect with this here; take the encouragement and meaning of it as you wish.  Adapt it to your life story.*moment of silence*
We have a long voyage up a mountain, enjoying the process, arriving to the peak, gazing across the most beautiful landscape.  It goes on for miles and there appears to be no end.  Allow this to give you motivation to reach beyond your wildest dreams and engage in any new opportunities that life grants you. It is filling your mind and heart with hope and belief within yourself. *moment of silence*
During our escape in the mountains we come across a blissful waterfall to remind us of tranquility and peace.  Despite our troubles we need to stay humble, kind and softened. Listen to this peaceful, twinkling of water. Feeling yourself relax and deepen further into your meditation. Do not be afraid to express emotions here.  *moment of silence*
The sun is beginning to set into a beautiful array of colors preparing for a quiet serene night.  The sky is darkening yet the stars are radiating so bright, dazzling down on earth enriching you with intuition and wisdom.  Rest here for a moment and reflect. *moment of silence*

As always, the sun will rise again, a new day, new beginning, and new opportunities. As the sun is creeping up for a new glorious day; focus in on that sun or light and make a connection with your higher being that you believe in or your inner self. Allow it to guide you into any insight for your unanswered questions.  Become one with that light.  *moment of silence*
We have reached our last destination together and at this moment I will pause my guidance and grant you the freedom to allow your soul to explore.  Explore to a place that you find the ultimate freedom to express yourself and love yourself or return to a previous one; where there is no judgment, no hatred, no guilt, no regrets, no worries, no negativity. Simply stay in this present moment. Do not search for answers; just simply be.  *moment of silence*

As we come to a close with our journey, express your gratitude for all of these opportunities; for love, peace, strength, hope, faith, knowledge and freedom.  Take a moment to reflect on each and every feeling or emotion that the journey as developed for you. What are you going to do with that information?  How will it help you improve your life’s goals or purpose?   Remind yourself of your original intention or purpose of this practice. Take what you have learned today about yourself and carry it with you off the mat.  Make this journey your reality. *moment of silence*
Gradually bring back your consciousness and awareness of your breath, begin wiggling your fingers and toes, your wrist and ankles, gently flutter your eyelids and become familiar of your surroundings.  Take your time leisurely rising before you begin regular activity or rest a little longer in a silent meditation for some self reflection.

Thank you for allowing me to guide you through this journey.  May you all be blessed with peace, love and happiness!  Namaste!

Photos by:
Music: Nature’s Lullaby by Lullaby Tribe
Written and narrated by: Ashley Schiller
Video Composition: Layne Reese