Yamas of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga

Yamas- Ethical and integrous behavior in relation to ourselves and others.

The Yamas make up the first limb of Pantanjali’s “Eight Limbed Path of Yoga”. There are five principles that make up the Yamas as the standards for our behavior in relation to people and the earths other inhabitants.

Ahimsa– (aah·him·suh)- Non-Violence
Satya– (saa·ht·y·uh)- Truthfulness
Asteya– (aah ·stay· uh)- Non-Stealing
Brahmacharya– (braah·maa·shar·y·uh)- Self -Control
Aparigraha (aah·pari·graa·haa)- Greedlessness

Let us now take a deeper look into these five principles…

Ahimsa (aah·him·suh) is the principle of non-violence in our interactions with others. We should consider this as being mindful not to cause another individual harm by our actions or words.

Satya (saa·ht·y·uh) is the principle of truthfulness. We should not lie or misrepresent others or ourselves.

Asteya (aah ·stay· uh) is the principle of non-stealing. We should not take what does not belong to us. This principle can be applied as physically not taking things from another, as well as not taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas and then labeling them as our own.

Bramacharya (braah·maa·shar·y·uh) is the principle of self-control. This is where we practice controlling the fluctuations of the mind, and our impulses to act on emotional and physical urges.

Aparigraha (aah·pari·graa·haa) is the principle of greedlessness. We should practice living in a way that we use our resources is a way that is not wasteful, light and without excess material items that inflate our ego. We should also practice moderation in our actions and not fulfilling unnecessary desires.

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Author: Laramie Reese– Yogi, Wife, Mother, & Entrepreneur